October 14th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

painted patent shoe show

painted patent shoe show
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
There is supposed to be a weekly strip called "The joy of (painting) shoes" here. It features Vuk's proud parents (Vuk had the other half of the pair) Mr Spiral, and me kneeling in my best Cinderella's Prince pose. But I came back home from my course and fell wretchedly asleep instead. Curses!

One of the other shoes has a Judge Dredd sketch on it by Pat Mills.

P.S. I take it all back about Flickr. "Sometimes web services can be a bit flaky - try again." is the best error message ever.

P.P.S. Hero is tedious and rather horrible. Sky Captain is enthralling and rather fun. Alternatively, giant robots and random dinosaurs beat wire-fu and designer kimonos. Although the fight in the chess house had its moments.