October 21st, 2004


(I'm not really saying that you should all) buy gerbils

buy gerbils!It's almost a shame to puncture the mystery of this week's strip, but I'm going to do it anyway.

The truth is, I didn't write it. At least, not the text. The text was automatically gererated by e-bay's Google text-ads on Flickr.

Flickr is a photo-posting site, and puts Google's sorted-by-subject text ads on every page, so pictures of toys get toy ads, tech, tech ads and so on. But (initially at least -- it doesn't seem to be happening much any more), before the pictures were indexed, you'd get ads for some wacky term like trampoline or gerbil. Which is how I got to see three adverts for gerbil on e-bay in a row.

Did that ruin the magic? I don't know, maybe ...

Anyway, for anyone startled by the last panel, no, I don't own gerbils. Those are imaginary gerbils, which have significant advantages over the real thing. Speaking of which -- this strip is affectionately dedicated to all those of my friends who chose to live with vermin.

ADDENDUM: I got an enquiry over in theweeklystrip about buying weekly strips. Here's what I said: "yes, you can -- the original artwork is of course black and white (and I have dreadful problems separating myself from my originals, anyway), however you can buy a colourful injet print on sparkly paper for £25 or a colour photocopy of same for £5, postage incl. Size is A4." That goes for pretty much all of the weekly strips -- there are some where originals don't exist as such, but even they tend to have some sort of high(er)-res version available. I should probably FAQ that somewhere. Maybe when more than two people have asked me ...

Mood of google: Jeremy should be on a show or in a magazine or newspaper, instead Jeremy arrived the next day after a grueling series of natural disasters.