October 22nd, 2004


beer, jude law, ninjas, new cult SF series

I've looked over and lamented all the other neat stuff I'm missing out on tonight. Printed out a copy of my tasks for tomorrow. Reflected on how bad for my health, weight and overall fitness all this boozing is. Eaten a cornish pasty. I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the beer festival ...

Decisions, decisions; shall I go see Alfie? Reasons to watch it include wit and eyecandy, but the girls will be botoxed buffmonsters of the type I find thoroughly unattractive, and as for the boys, well... not as good-looking as a young Michael Caine, are you, Jude Law? A bit too far into the valley of the uncanny! Oh, but look at the quality reader reviews on the BBC website; "i havent seen it yet but, its jude law he's so goddamned hot could he ever make a mistake. i just wish he were gay so i wouldn't feel so sad that he aint mine!" They never published what I had to say about Kitchen Stories. No Sir.

Do the right thing for this week's picky picky game, chose the new character, open up the plot...
(although I really like this shrimp).

I've been filling in memegen toys again. I mention this only because of the cast list generated for Birds Haunt Me, a cult SF show about psychic powers.

Nerdy but brilliant scientist: thegreenman
Robot/half-alien trying to become human: green_amber
Sexy but brilliant scientist: iruineverything
Version of you from a parallel universe: stylishbastard
Brooding but brilliant scientist: ginger_princess
Hot-headed military/action type: dickon_edwards

Apparently this arresting vision of lab-coat totty with exciting hair and extremely well-dressed effete soldiers has very little chance of ever becoming a true cult hit, because it's "far too commercial". Riiiiiight.
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