October 30th, 2004

end of a decade

devil had too much to drink

devil had too much to drink
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Not really going to any Halloween parties this weekend but last night some friends came round and we played Parts Unknown (a Cheapass Game based on selling bits of dead human to mad scientists) and watched cartoons (Grim and Evil, which got general approval, and Martin Mystery, which didn't (although they agreed with me that the "scare your pants off" ident looked kind of rude) plus some Mucha Lucha!) and drank red wine until my foot (which had manifested mysterious pain) stopped hurting. Dan found a script I'd been looking for tucked inside The Valiant Book of Pirates (and some rude pictures of lesbian mermaids, but let's skip over that) and sqigglyruth and damiancugley both managed to win ("we both got $427?"). When truecatechresis started snoring they went home, leaving me with a room full of empty glasses, bottles, scattered dice and newly-rearranged toys.

And a camera. Batch one.

They tell me I should open up my house for Artweeks next year. Hmm.
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