November 11th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

our editorial encourages boys and girls to repect each other as equals

Earlier today I was on the internet researching Teen advice sites and came across something that annoyed me. For unrelated reasons, the post was friendslocked, but as the conversation developed, I felt it might be nice to bring it out into the open, not least because it's a partial answer to "What's Pete Pavement doing nowadays?"

So here is what I initially said.

And then I stumbled across the unspeakably gruesome BBC Teens ... oh look, "lads" can look at minging pics, play surf dude and learn more about technology. "Girls" get to find out if their boyf is the best, learn about nature and play what's your idiotic stereotype?. Girls get "fun stuff", lads get "freebies". And so on. Satirists retire, the world is doing your work for you.
Pick of the comments:

I found the category comparison of Girls ="Sex, Love and Life" whereas Lads just get "Sex and Life".
Urgh, what a truly grim website
even as a teen I'd have found that site offensive

So far, the responses have been twofold. There's a nice letter from Collapse )

And the home page has been updated to get rid of some of the more offensive language Collapse )

So, where does Pete Pavement, sometime owner of underground comics press Slab-O-Concrete come into all this? Well, he's listed as a contributor; and come to think of it, those cartoons, don't they look like his?

As is standard, when complaining about a website, I took a screen grab, but I probably won't be posting it, I've spent too much time on this already.
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