November 12th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

I wonder what I have forgotten?

Train ticket, e-ticket, print-out of route from busstation to b&b to dame street. 20 copies How to make minicomics. Two t-shirts, socks and cheerful pants. pop-9 for photographing ladyfest ladies. Workshop equipment (the scissors mean it won't be able to be carry-on) in a rough old rucksack. Chargers. Tunes.

I'm sure I've forgotten something vital.
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2020 lack of vision

google minicomic from out of the archives

Back in 2003 my ongoing fascination with randomness lead me to work with google, writing stories, character designs, theories, even a manifesto, the standard method being to feed google part of a sentence, eg, "was inside the" and take the top resulting sentence. Once the results began to seem weirdly coherent, narrative inevitably followed, and I made some interesting progress, before abandoning the idea to write a comic strip about sex-crazed occult investigators.

in the beginningAt the same time, I also did a few google minicomics, "in the beginning" was the only one done in colour. So this week's strip represents my pick from a 16-page minicomic -- the missing panels include "in the beginning was the vowel", "in the beginning was soft darkness", "in the beginning was a bag and a blonde" (the new user icon's from that panel) and a few others, I forget.

Top result for googling "in the beginning" then was "in the beginning was the Command Line", Neal Stephenson's online prose piece about, well, gods, haven't you read it? Read it. Now it's been knocked off the top spot by the Agape christian dating companionship search, In the Beginning fabrics, and Creation Science: Home of the hydroplate theory. There's progress for you.

The original artwork for this minicomic is lost.
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