November 17th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

the dresden dolls

Still feeling somewhat miffed about missing The Hidden Cameras, again, it occurred to me that I might get on better if I actually went looking for gigs that I wanted to go to rather that relying on finding out about them through social osmosis.

Hence, The Dresden Dolls, who I saw on 120minutes (MTV2 new music show), dumped to video, showed to damiancugley who said, "I bet they'd be good live", at which point I looked out their website (photos, downloads, a small girl singing along to one of their videos), and discovered they were playing at Cargo (in London -- they're also doing Birmingham in the UK) on Dec 7th. That'll do, I thought.

So, who? They describe themselves as "Brechtian Punk Cabaret" and might appeal to anyone interested in piano abuse, gender play, dandyism, artifice, clever lyrics, victorian underwear or shouting. Or they may not. They may not even appeal to me.

I'm inclined to think that they might, though.
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2020 lack of vision


There's a pile of scripts on the table. Ink and fresh paper. Looming deadlines. A table cleared, more or less. A choice of nibs, I have to choose nibs, this isn't the size I usually work and I'm ... Sometimes you can wait till you feel ready and sometimes you just have to start even though the barbs of your unreadiness will catch on every damn thing, and it will hurt, hurt to do the work*. So I'm procrastinating, like a fucking trouper, here. Poking this and moving that and rambling about this and wondering why everyone on my friends list is bitching about being single, though probably not as much as they are.

If I start tidying up, I'm finished.

* the work:
5 strips (newspaper size)
1 weekly strip (A4)
1 strip, theme "small" (A4)
4 pages thumbnail layouts (A4)
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