December 10th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

my life is a clanging void (lyrics meme)

fashion ninjaThree weeks ago I had every intention of going to a gig last night. But I forgot all about that and instead stayed in and did a few chores (washing, mail, a print) before cutting a friend's hair and then spending the rest of the night in, getting pissed on red wine and giggling over spam subject headers. After she'd gone, and the bottle was empty (in that order) I assembled the IKEA shelf unit I'd picked up earlier from jinty's. And then I went to bed.

Oh wait, no, I drew clumsily cut-and-pasted a panel for the Picky Picky Game first. Well, somebody has to (and it looks like if it isn't me it won't be anyone).

From the playlist of my mind (currently playing: self-pitying). Collapse )
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