December 16th, 2004

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Pancevo strips 1Since I had arrived in Pančevo, there had been clear skies and a high wind, so when Sasa (Zograf) started to explain about the pollution, it came as something of a surprise. At first (having just made my first discovery of the glory that is Serbian cakes) I paid little attention. But then, the precision of his language and the way that, throughout the conversation, he kept very fastidiously eating grapes struck me. The lighting in the basement where we ate was vehement; the colours looked heavy and dense. There was an air of hardness and claustophobia. Throughout, Gordana sat beside him, something about how she sat seemed to indicate discomfort, tension. I didn't draw her into the strip; to do so would have felt impolite, like an intrusion. I was anxious about the strips which showed people (as opposed to liminal hallucinations of giant geese) and told Sasa he could chose not to run any of them "for any reason". I wondered if he would use this one at all. And it ended up going out first.

The first two strips (as translated by Sasa) are up on Pančevac's website now (see my work lettered in cyrillic! by Aleksandar Zograf!) but for those non-Serbian readers among you, I present the strips in their original english.
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