December 22nd, 2004


I'm on holiday

feathery safari
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Spent last night constructing the Lord of the Rings eating and drinking game with the help of, damiancugley and squigglyruth, who argued over whether "hobbits' tears" should be a cocktail or a biscuit, truecatechresis and American Cody, who between them came up with the "Flaming Balrog with a White Wizard chaser" (I think I can source the dry ice), and mr_snips who is a little worried because as a vegetarian he gets to be Leggy, meaning a nibble of lembas (I'm thinking pink wafers) followed by 42 pints of beer, Paul who suggested we have pork pies for the Mouth of Sauron (sorry, was that a spoiler?) and sparkymark who swopped my red wig for a loan of a DVD extended edition (guess which) and concourse who looked rather bemused, if not faintly embarassed.

No, I haven't set a date yet. After christmas sometime.