December 30th, 2004


somebody drank my cooking brandy

But was it the same somebody as was throwing up in the sink? Wine on the carpet in four different rooms ... I never got around to inviting you, did I? Went to all the bother of making a poll and asking the ten people still reading this shite if they'd want to come and then never did anything with the data. Told you I needed an administrator ...

... and after tonight I think I also need a couple of cleaners, a kitchen porter and a dietician ... and maybe a harm minimisation worker ...

Somebody broke one of my favourite plates. And the recycling box won't let me recycle no more ...

One more thing: I love my connection to Oxfam. It answers those niggling questions that seep through the drunken haze. Like what's going on? and what should I do?
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playing catch-up on TWS : tsunami on flickr

Nocturnale on Oxford StreetThis week's strip, strictly speaking, is actually last week's strip. I wrote it after visiting London for a pre-christmas presents exchage with my sister Elle. Now five months gone, she's still not really showing much, but the pregnancy comes through in her ability to sit down for hours and talk about food; we met in Top Shop Kitchen, an unashamedly kitschy caff (giant hands! line-drawings of doe-eyed ladies in pants!) in the sub-basement of the enormous Oxford Circus branch. I got there early, and spent a lot of time on absurd tasks; buying jewellery findings for mum, finding out where the cash points are in Covent Garden, that sort of thing. Why Nocturnale? The poem by John Donne, A Nocturnale on St Lucie's Day, a nonpareil expression of midwinter misery, darkness and despair. I was a day adrift, but, well ...

Pancevo strips 2Thanks to crazycrone for the reminder, the next two of my Pancevo strips are up. For those who find cyrillic a challenge, here's the english version. Nothing as weird as the geese this time, I'm afraid; but look out for a starring appearance by Serbian Cakes. Mmmm-mmm!

Finally, being the sort of person who always has to look, I went over to see what Flickr had seen of the Tsunami. Shaky eyewitness photos from helicopter, hotel balcony, beach and seafront (many stolen from other sources), sets from professional photographers who were in the area, as well as business, charity and news-site screen grabs, handsfor* and their ilk. Warning: there are over 350 photographs, many of them are very distressing.

Latest news and donation details from Oxfam.

*Aspirational-poster-style photographs of hands to demonstrate concern.
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