January 23rd, 2005

2020 lack of vision


Not at my best, I went wandering on Friday night, determined to get back into doing things on my own, something I like and used to do more.

Initially stumbled to the nearest cinema, and (in the mood for other people's romantic problems) watched Closer. There's a chatroom sex scene between Jude Law and Clive Owen, but other than that it came across as very 60s -- the characters were (I kid ye not) a free spirit/stripper, a failed writer, a sexy older women and a blue-collar shagpiece (actually a consultant dermatologist putting on an act to impress the girls). Julia Roberts annoys me at the best of times, and, as usual, refused to act unless someone was shouting at her. One scene between her and Natalie Portman which should have sizzled with emotion, just sat there, being dull. I was annoyed, but also amused ... there was a certain amount of rumpled charm going on.

There was a bit of a gap then, so I went to a gig at the Wheatsheaf. Something rather post-music was going on onstage, which I vibrated happily along to. The first lot went off, then two of them came back on, and started playing something considerably less interesting, so I left. The good stuff might have been, ummm, Animal Collective, or Haunted Grafitti. I wasn't really paying attention.

Got out of that, walked up to the Phoenix and the most uncomfortable cinema seats in Oxford for 2046, which is probably on its last week there, given that it's gone to the infuriating 4./9.15 time-slot (guaranteed not to fit in with your day no matter what you're doing). Dirty pretty stories which wandered back and forth across time, tangling with short science fiction stories written by the delectable Tony Leung (fan site) wrote to pay for his whores and hotel rooms. Glittering dresses and glistening lipstick and wildly oversaturated colour. Urban decay, lowlifes, the despairing little circles that people's lives move in. Glamourous androids with personality disorders. Rumpled gamblers in dim golden alleyways. Gorgeously langourous shots of softly-glowing cybershoes. It was all so very beautiful, and so very long I got out too late to go the 11.30pm show (would have been A Very Long Engagement). Probably just as well.

Then I walked home, through by the observatory and across the graveyard and drained my camera batteries on golden spires. A good night.

Oh good lord. I'm having problems beleiving in the products I've just seen advertised between Samurai Jack and Big O. Let's see if I can get independent verification. Ah - here's the Play-doh drill n' fill, to instill dental fetishism in the very young. The Pink play-doh tongue is an especially nice touch. And, for the budding Ballards and Cronenbergs, here is Play Doh Operation. One of the listed features is "Squeeze, squish, slice and dice". There's honesty in advertising.
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