January 27th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

box doodle amuses me mightily

box doodle amuses me mightily tremble before my cardboardy-box art powers!

One of the slicker online drawing tools I've found. Make your own at the box doodle project. Nice colours!

See, the lady and the tiger are still very much in my mind. I'd like to do the minicomic, but it's always a question of finding those sustained periods of time ...

Always time to piss around, though. Go on, scrawl on a box.

Last night you asked a question, tinyjo, the answer is here; "Flickr, a ten-month-old photo Web site, has already signed up 176,000 users". That was on Jan 10, I expect it has a few more by now.

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2020 lack of vision

photographs, explainations

The trouble with talking to someone is tthat it gets you thinking about whys, problematic for me as lots of my motivations are obscure, especially with the photos, but I did have a small insight I suppose, and it's actually tied in a bit with those stupid shooting-up-princesses photos I did. Photography (and also being photographed) is a way of Collapse )
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reviewing Liberator and the Ian McKellan letter

The reviewing gig I barged my way in on earlier this year finally paid good dividends when I got to see a press preview screening of Liberator! After the fiasco that was The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant : The White Ring, the last thing I wanted was to see was another piece of revered childhood culcha crucified by the movie moguls, but curiosity got the better of me. You can see the real review here, but Collapse )
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