February 1st, 2005


she had this idea about seeing the desert ... (house vision, found sounds)

Look! Beautiful silkscreened pictures (by exitwounds). Maybe someone for the shop, crunchcandy? It's possible her somewhat unnavigable website won't distress you, but I found the easiest route to her artworks was the root directory. Clicky on the j-pegs.

Today is national word-coining day. So far today I've heard clumsome and predilectivity. How about you? Got any good words?

And now, for the fruits of a day off sick; I got a migraine, and then Collapse )

I could base a religion on that one. If I weren't taking up all of my time to paddyll in the myre, as duckes do or yonge chyldren.

Also, a funky found tape project. Remember them?

... and while I'm on the found sound stuff, imomus is currently rescuing ordinary background sounds and putting them on an internet radio station to make a soft yet persistent soundstream guaranteed to bewilder your coworkers, confuse the computer repair man and make your cat twitch. It's a Japanese station, but the words "listen now" are in english: They are sound weeds, but for six weeks we will make them sound flowers, found sound flowers. (Lost Radio, Found Sound Garden manifesto.)
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