February 8th, 2005

end of a decade

we all want Germaine Greer's hot loving

... although I'm glad to see one person went for (scream, swoon) Samurai Jack. And it seems that the opposite of a labyrinth might be a map, a motorway, Illinois (!), Crete ... please answer if you've not done so far, you're adding to the sum of human knowledge. This human, at least.

Speaking of humans, I just met newborn Alice (daughter of Adrian and Jo). She has a Hoxton Fin, a pink cardigan and was mostly sleeping. I have a photo to show anyone down the pub tomorrow ... Adrian says it'll be a little while before they're down the pub again, sorry -- and they may well appreciate a litte light visiting.

Take the L train to space: the space elevator will create a thriving local carbon nanotube industry. Which is a good thing, right?
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    the bravery - honest mistake