February 14th, 2005

end of a decade

flash master alun and the underscore_mc

I'm pretty tired after a weekend spent arseing around with Flash ... home now, with a couple of green CDs, some worksheets and a deeper understanding of how much I just can't think of what to do with it. Well, that's not altogether true -- I have two ideas at least -- one called Doors, the other called Office Pr0n, but they're both very simple, jokes, silly. Which is kind of Flash all over ... I kept thinking, throughout the course ... how I'm not really a fan of jumping around and blinking on and off and flashing and burping and squeaking and hooting just for the hell of it. More fool me. I should have done bouncing animated chickens, instead I ended up wasting tens of minutes on a subtle eye movement. Well, it's all useful, I guess.

Also, the tenuous nature of my booking meant I didn't really think through the weekend course thing, what it might mean to keep the working thing on solid for a weekend after a full week's work (and a really distressful friday). I managed a nice low-key Saturday night, but it was stll most of a weekend hunched over a laptop. A very nice laptop, but still ... screen-time eyes. Sore wrists. On the good side, there will also be two days-worth of TOIL ...

And, attractive as the idea is, I can't take Monday off and spend it riding the underground and staring moodily into the Thames, because I need to do preparation work for Thursday's workshop.

Oh well, the UPP is showing In the Mood for Love and Casablanca in the evening, if I really feel like I need time off.

Hmm, the television just spoke to me. It said, "Fifteen years ago, an awesome power was shattered across the face of the globe. It was known as the rave." Hmmm, the clips don't look promising, but maybe I should ask Tivo to fetch me an episode of Rave Master, just for pun. Or perhaps I should just watch the new Mad Mod episode of Teen Titans another five times ...

About three of you may be interested to hear that I finished House of Leaves. Collapse )
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vale of woe

pin up du jour

phonebox undercoat

Happy Valentines from the man who paints phoneboxes pink.

So far today this is the best card and this the best brief encounter. The post hadn't arrived by the time I left the house, so I guess I'll have to wait till I get home for that card from Germaine Greer...

Edit: Alas, nothing from Germaine when I got home. In fact, no cards at all. Bloody Oxford post ... This card is priceless. Well, extremely good value, anyway.
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