February 18th, 2005


I am going to fucking kill her

Came back after a tensish but moderately functional lunch to discover that a) visiting cartoonist #1 has visited town and has to go now right (so anyone who was planning on seeing Terry this evening, that's off), and that Torygirl has decided to come in for a relaxing afternoon. She's got a new footballers-wives style expensive ironed-flat shag-cut blonde haircut, and she's playing some middle-of-the-road pap, staring at windows media player's whirly lines. I get her to stop doing that and she spends the rest of the afternoon sulkingly on the phone, using her best speak-slowly-I'm-blonde voice to attempt to arrange a workshop I know damn well her boss is going to try to make me run (I don't want to but could doubtless use the money). Then she invites admin's latest pretty boy upstairs, whom I hate, although he's done nothing wrong. I just hate him because he's young and pretty, and all the admin (who like to turn my life into a prickly assault course) are gaga over him and having closed-door meetings twice a day as a result. The resulting conversation is like hanging out in a barnyard. I end up wanting to put them in a pen to see if they'd breed.

Actually, she's been downstairs for a while now. Maybe they already are.

Oh yeah, I'm just a pillar of hate today.

EDIT: I'm sure I'd be having better days if I could stop waking up every morning from dreams about irritating flash animations.
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2020 lack of vision

convenient urban real estate

convenient urban mooring convenient urban mooring

"The mooring, accessed through a block of gated flats, is convenient for Oxford City boatyard, as well as shops and other facilities in Oxford's fashionable Jericho area."

Oh-ho-ho! I just did the estate agent bit for littlegreenboat. I guess she's going to have to change her name now. Want to afford to live in Jericho? This is the only way. This is a boat for singletons or couples who live in each others' um, whatevers.
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