March 3rd, 2005


the continuing death of the bee

Well, it made it through tuesday night, but wednesday it was moving (to be honest) a lot less. But at least it hadn't got stuck to the sugar water and died. I left it some sugar water on the yellow pages. Yes, I know. Stupid. I had an AMT sachet handy (left by someone unsure about my coffee preferences) so it wasn't like it was any effort or anything ... I'm not going to build it a bee-cage and take it to the botanical gardens like mr_snips suggested, or make a pet of it either, damiancugley.

By lunchtime it wasn't moving at all, so I blew on it, gently. It buzzed back at me in a sleepy, annoyed sort of way. Perhaps it would go back to hibernating? It fought the window, did another hour of distressed buzzing, then settled under the saucer of one of my plants. Not the best hibernation spot -- rather exposed, right in a cold draft ... but I'm not qualified to judge the hibernation needs of a bee.

This morning it was either torpid or dead. Hard to tell with a bee.

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the end of the solitary bee

still not deadAnyone following the sad fate of the bee that woke up too soon will doubtless be fascinated* to hear that after co-worker Colette (in freezing desperation) turned on the fan-heater, it woke up again. On the bright side, I can now feel my feet again. On the dark side, every hour or so it emits a feeble, dying buzz.

After Colette left the office I cracked and made it a bee-home out of an old suspension file and some sellotape and put it hopefully next to the bee. It could barely move, but it could move well enough to tell me what it thought of that. On quivering legs it tottered away from it, dragging its emaciated abdomen the length of the windowsill before attempting feebly to climb a glass vase.

It's a respectable bee, it doesn't need charity and cardboard boxes from the likes of me ... or perhaps it's caught in some strange Bauhaus delerium. Give me porcelain! I crave the certainties of glass!

Goodnight, bee.

* No, not you. I know you don't care.
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