March 28th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

happy easter, chickies

the glammiest chicks of all
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
I found these glamorous chicks in a jeweller-shop window. There were scary bunnies, too, but anyone near a Borders (that'll be mostly everyone, then) will have seen them already. Easter duties (chocolate) were complicated by the irritating young madam in front of us demnding a discount on a dinged box of easter eggs and the mad old bint behind us going off on a rant against a junior manager with beautiful eyebrows over the length of time it was taking her to buy a £1 easter card. Easter duties (SciFi) were met at the bookshop by getting under the feet of a blazing redhead and her shaven-headed feller and then miraculously producing part 2 of exactly the obscure fantasy series she'd been looking for, then scouring BBC3 and 4 for random short speculative scraps. Also fulfilled: family (Dr Who party at sparkymark's), self-sacrifice (watching the first ten minutes of Earthsea), crucifixion (an apropos showing of End of Days) ...

and that's without even mentioning what I'm currently doing about the comics collection.
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uk web and mini-comics thing sketchbook

crayoned scrawlThe only thing I really rate in this week's strip (such as it is, it's just a montage of sketchbook stuff drawn during conversations down the pub after UKWMCthing) is that final panel of an ostrich driving a minicab. Why were we talking about ostriches driving minicabs? This and many other mysteries of drunken blather will remain unclarified. But then, without the sketch, the idea would have been forgotten utterly. Might have been better that way.
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