April 7th, 2005

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glebe terriers and anti-virus operas

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In a newsletter about Discovering Lost Ways (as in right-of-ways), I came across the term "Glebe Terriers", not a slightly luminous small dog at all, but:

Originally, every church was entitled to a house and glebe. The glebe could be cultivated by the incumbent himself or by tenants to whom he leased it, and the terrier often includes the names of the tenants and also the holders of the adjoining lands. Therefore, the terrier can give a very useful picture of the fields and furlongs in the parish because the glebe land may have consisted of many strips in the open fields. However, not all parsonages were well endowed with glebe, and in those cases tithes formed the major source of income for the incumbent. Some terriers include a description of how income from tithes and fees is calculated and collected.

And, in other news, local company Opera Anywhere get filking:

Our Puccini double bill sponsor, Sophos the Abingdon based Anti Virus company also commissioned us to write and perform a series of opera extracts to fit in with their Anti Virus story. We performed the programme on their exhibition stand at The Sunday Times Business Week Exhibition in the QE11 exhibition halls in Westminster. The Last Night of the Viruses was just one the songs we performed to a ‘popular’ tune! To find our more about our relationship with Sophos and to find out more about our corporate sponsorship programme click: Last Night Of The Viruses.

And, while we're on Local funnies -- there is no access by bus to the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council offices. Honesty in placement.
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