April 8th, 2005

end of a decade

it's all getting very silly

Nice, Captain Star-ish Eeek, a bit furry... ah crap jokes, that comedy staple.

I just realised that I've not plugged the Picky Picky Game for a while. Space kittens turned up and everything got decidedly silly. I like the communal scratching post picture (no, it's not mine!) and it could lead to a fight-scene ... would that be a good idea? You, the viewer, decide. Read, vote, post.

I know it's a silly thing to say about an animated character but, good gods, 2D's looking a bit rough in the latest Gorillaz video. And that television thing must be catching, I just got a call from someone developing a new programme. Absurd.
end of a decade

defining tranquility

Tranquility Mapping Project

The Chilterns area has been selected for 'tranquility mapping' - a project organised jointly by the Chilterns Conservation Board, the Universities of Northumbria and Newcastle and the Countryside Agency. Volunteers are required to help with the study into how the problem of noise can be dealt with.

Up to 16 people will be chosen and trained for the exercise - no direct experience essential - perhaps just an interest into the basics of the study would be an advantage!

The study will run for a 6 - 8 week period to gather the information needed.
I stumbled across this out-of-date message on a conservation volunteering website, in among the calls for dry-stone wallers, fence-builders and people to give guided tours of Red Kite nests.

The idea that tranquility has a definition and an attached campaigning position is rather intriguing. What other abstract concepts could you set definitions to?

Define what would make an area funky, alienating, pretty, depressing, boring, trendy. You have five bullet points. Remember to define your disturbance categories, and bear in mind that you're aiming for broad-brush categories.

The devil's in the outlines.