April 17th, 2005


I can't knit, so I took the photos

the levitation of debra the levitation of debra

Went to a lovely party at badasstronaut's on Friday. Those are her beautiful shoes, which (despite my best efforts) I didn't get a good photograph of ... somewhat slightly mashed after a longer-than-ideal journey and too much gin ... my camera skills were weak ... the long journey came about as I misdirected jinty (her GPS robot lady had a case of the friday nights) following an unfortunate misunderstanding with the edge of the page ... Cirencester is quite pretty, though (even if it's not really on the way from Oxford to Bristol) ... what happens next in this picture? Well, crunchcandy comments on the hosiery ... nine more pictures of unrestrained knitting and consumption of cake here ... check out the view through pina colada and battenburg goggles.

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