April 26th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

not exactly what I was aiming for, but ...

Hmmmm. I just managed to dye my hair lavender. With light golden brown hair-dye. Not exactly what I was aiming for, but on the whole, I'm pleased.

antique games machineWent "shopping" at the weekend, though not to buy anything, just for fun. Who knows when I'll next have the time? Selfridges has gone very, very (boobies!) odd, and yes, I know Oxford Street is horrid, but you really should take a look if you're in the area before disgusted of the Evening Standard gets it all closed down. Apart from the windows, the neon and Liberace's car, there are dancing girls and a gambling den downstairs. They were quite respectably dressed when we were there, but then, it was a Sunday. We also went to Liberty's, as I had a sudden yen to use the lifts. Damian said it was like travelling inside his mother's wardrobe. Upstairs we found this old games machine (a Vetrex) in among the modern antiques, as well as a severed head, teeny-tiny people, and some very nice chairs. Selected highlights on Flickr, Damian's as well as mine.

Those cursed fools on Toonami have decided that showing me more than two new episodes of One Piece a week may run the risk of overdosing me on piratey goodness. Heck's teeth, they may be right, but I'm feeling the lack, especially as so much of it has been censored that it doesn't altogether reward the slow-watch. Today's priceless gems included this exchange between perky supertheif Nami and evil pirate clown Buggy:

Buggy: Drink up, lassy, this be a special pirate brew -- grapefruit punch!
Nami: It's delicious!
Nami: (thinks) What luck, the rate the pirates are drinking, they'll all pass out from acid indigestion soon!

... still, at least Buggy was able to do Zolo a favour -- thanks to his ability to reassemble tidily without blood following dismemberment (he ate the dreaded chop-chop fruit) we finally got to see Z's dreaded three-sword style, including the technically demanding cut-someone-in-half-then-jump-through-the-gap move. Eeeew! Childrens television is the best! Especially Dr Who.
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