April 29th, 2005


fill up the schedule

We saw Hitchhikers last night, on preview. I spent the evening in paroxysms of glee over the sheer design gorgeousness on display but I think even if you discounted the sheer beauty and rightness of the spaceships, underpants, glasses, etc. it was still a very fun film. I bought the soundtrack, anyway -- looks like it plays out on a shit rap track, as usual for these things. "Reasons to be Miserable (his name is Marvin)" feat. Stephen Fry. Heheheh. And my Punt* passes. Whattheheck. Maybe I'll combine it with that glass book project I've been meaning to do for ages.

Tomorrow, off to Belfast for comics stuff. Appearing on a panel at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, to be exact. I have to get up at an extremely unreasonable hour, and I'll be out of Oxford for mayday. I just don't plan ahead well, me. Back again on Sunday, probably wondering what the heck I was doing there ... a club night was promised, but it looks like it got relocated to the night before. These things happen. Looking at the rest of the panel -- pretty heavy hitters -- I probably won't have much to do. Except do the tourist thang with andyluke! Yay!

... and then, on bank holiday monday, Magdalen College Film Club is showing the entire Cremaster Cycle as a day-long marathon (Grove Auditorium, from 10am, £10). I ought to be packing, planning, sorting, cleaning. But then, but then ...

*Oxford's annual marathon gig night.
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