May 19th, 2005


sore hands hurting annoyingly

That Artpad thingie's dead neat, isn't it? Weather's going to be crap for the barbecue, looks like. Never mind, I have a cherry tree to plant and it will be planted. Washing machine, tick. House becomes home. First bird visitor (a female blackbird) enjoying my hospitality this morning -- too much rain for them to care about the new and exceptionally tacky goth birdbath, though (accidental impulse purchase from Past Times). We broke it taking it home (inevitably, it's only fibre glass and resin) and discovered a curious thing -- the inside bottom was resin cast in the shape of broken crockery being used to weigh it down -- something you'd never see unless you broke it. Strange secret details. I missed the bird with the new-house camera, so photographed the leaning tower of boxes instead. Anyone need boxes? I have masses. Old-house camera is nearly done. Just a bit more cleaning -- and then the emptying of the fridge.