May 23rd, 2005


residence party in the rain

BBQ in the rain
Originally uploaded by Damian Cugley.
Well, the housewarming was "sedate" and the Barbecue only avoided being rained off through the totemic application of deck-chairs. I missed many people, yet was simultaneously glad as our seating and storage solutions are still (rather poorly) improvised. NTL found a fault somewhere which meant they couldn't cable us up, so "offline for a week" is becoming "improvising web access for two weeks". In the meantime we got a savagely threatening letter from the TV licensing people. Oh, the irony. Word from guests, various:
  • We should knock down some walls. I may mark them with a big X in preparation.
  • We need a doorbell. Preferably one that'll be audible in the garden.
  • The need for a chaise longue in the downstairs living room is more urgent than I had previously suspected.
  • Garden Parasols are very good things indeed, especially when it's tipping down.
  • Fixing guttering is a cosmetic problem.
  • That bump on the drive needs smoothing because it's giving peoples' cars scrapie.
  • Comics boxes covered with cushions make an OK-ish daybed but we'd better get a Dromminge sometime soon or else.
Please feel free to add to my to-do list here. I'm sure I'm not remembering everything ...