June 24th, 2005


sparkly candles from nine

bling in actionI left the candles to go out on their own (yes, I know ...), was woken up by an unfamiliar smell, and had to puff hard to put out a rather odd-looking guttery flame. This morning, I found the apparatus was stuck to the windowsill and partially melted -- turned out my blinging candle-holder was made out of polystyrene covered in plastic glitter and plastic mirror tiles. I chiselled it off the windowsill, and took a photograph to remind myself never to leave candles burning unattended. Well, strictly speaking I was there, but the candles weren't uppermost in my mind. Perhaps, never leave candles burning unattentive ...

I found my polaroid i-zone shots from Club Disaster. Inevitably, Andy's wearing a great t-shirt ... but now I'm scannerless. It's always something ... EDIT: Sorted. It is a nice t-shirt. There are a few more pics of Andy up there, too.
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