August 8th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

first of many (CD mix tape)

I found Psychid inside A Divine Comedy case this evening. It actually made the mix CD better I think. First time I've ever made one, I wonder if that's some sort of record? I'm such a late developer in some ways. Should really sort out the music situation, though. Tidy up generally.

Despite the exhaustion, hangover, and weakness of Starbucks iced latte, it's nice, wandering home at 10am on a Sunday morning. You walk by people at work, tourists and a smattering of other dirty stopouts, stumbling carefully along pavement lines, eyes buried under oversized sunglasses and hair not looking as good as it did last night. It's like a club, complete with clothes code (slept in), silly walk and complicit glances.

I revealed my secret method of photographing cats today. Damn, another mystery bites the dust. And another.

It's getting colder at nights now. And the sunsets are getting grander.

There were parties. People took photos. Mine'll be along in a minute.
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