August 12th, 2005


ink calluses and five songs

Swearing update: Arsemonkeys is right out. Cuntmunters is where it's at now.

I finished the strip and my hand hates me. Never mind the entertaining time I had getting to sleep last night. I don't know about you, but I tell myself little stories to get myself off to sleep. Last night's went impressively convoluted before my brain switched off in disgust.

I think I'm looking after a cat from tonight, but I can't quite remember when tinyjo is off. There ought to be some sort of out-of-office assistant thing, where I can just telepathically ping her and get back the message: "tinyjo is currently out of the country. you are now looking after her cat". Well, she'll text me if she forgets to set the marvellous mechanical minou-feeder, anyway.

asajeffrey hit me with the 5ongs meme: tough call, but I whittled it down to

now you're calling me up to get paid/and if you don't get paid then you'll never get laid/ but there's a rocket I've built and it's under my kilt and it's coming to blow you away - wheatus - sunshine

the dream again nobody understands/walking through the long grass on your hands/ it's not a job to do today/sleep it off - not a job - elbow

but it all makes sense after the shrooms and the purple haze - groove armada - purple haze

he said grab your things I've come to take you home - erasure - solsbury hill

they want my pagan head/herne the hunter's on my side and that's as good as it gets - mr scruff - vibrate

-- and who nearly made the grade? well, horrible face by Scaramanga Six (too new -- I don't know the words and it's not even on the i-pod yet), broken dreams by Basement Jaxx because it's too old, even though it's such a good lazy summer song, the end of history by Momus because though I always sing along and appreciate the subject matter, it does get a bit sticky and sentimental, The Wu-tang clan by The French because it makes me sad, not happy (along with most of the rest of that Elbow album, especially Switching Off) and Depeche Mode's get the balance right and the meaning of love because I couldn't chose between them. And if you can't chose between them you can't have any at all...

bugpete, autodidactic, benchilada, mockduck, motodraconis, I 5ong meme you. Rules are: list five songs you're digging, no other rules except those you impose upon yourself.

New user icon with giant pencil! Thanks for the pencil and the picture, badasstronaut, jinty. I should post some of the pictures I drew with it. It gives this wonderfully fluid line because you have to manage the weight as you draw.

Ow. ow. Draw.