September 15th, 2005


clone tool for real life

Next in the list of "and when is there going to be a commercial version available?" is the amazing camera brush developed by Kimiko Ryokai that paints from a sample taken from whatever you brush it over. According to the BBC it's called an I/O Brush (for input/output). In one demonstration, Ms Ryokai picks up a video from the face of a blinking colleague and paints a screen full of winking eyes.

It's really pretty-loooking, with soft bristles and a fat wooden handle -- she specialises in tech for children, although I think this has plenty of grown-up appeal.

Kimiko herself seems very cool: Aside from my Media Lab research, my passion is to create cute little characters that make me and people smile. All those soft toys on her personal site, she made them herself!

Next up, please: a pair of gloomglasses that allows me to tweak the curves to brighten up a dull day.
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