September 20th, 2005


that interests meme everyone's been doing

Mostly because it reminded me to catch up with a few things. Right, time to download some Tiger Lillies, look out Smiling in Slow Motion and come up with another autobiographical experiment.
  1. autobiography: In addition to the obvious I am interested in to what extent a person can use the tools of fiction (plot, characterisation, re-iteration, motif, symbolism, subtext, etc.) in order to partially or completely re-write their lives, alter present experience, and edit, delete or re-mix aspects of their past; how far this is unconscious common practice, and whether it can can be a conscious and/or positive act.
  2. childrens books:
    nessie horror!
  3. derek jarman: I annoy him by keeping him filed next to Peter Greenaway on my video shelf. Not really! Film-maker, artist, writer, iconoclast, dead. Wikipedia Entry. A dead and proud Derek Jarman appears in the weekly strip. Smiling in slow motion, his journal of living and dying.
  4. fortean phenomena: Fort was a man obsessed by reports of anomalous events, e.g. rains of fish, miraculous births, out of place animals, etc. He also had many fine theories about the world. Hatstand, but fine. I am most interested in the things which cross the line; when the Fortean becomes real, or accepted reality is disproved.
  5. holga: It's a cheapish medium-format camera, you can buy luxury models but mine is pretty ordinary, and so un-modded it still has the plastic insert in. (I have this thing about not adapting my cameras -- they're not craft projects). Good for portraits and double exposures.
  6. lurid stories: Not poetic, pretty stories? No. I may produce soft stories, but my raw material is cruelty, murder, torture, violence, brutality, inconsideration and the commonplace nature of despair, anger, and loss of self-control. I usually start with my local news.
  7. pens:
    shiny green plastic buddha on a spring
  8. scomata: One of my unique interests. More strictly, "scintillating scomata" though that seems unnecessarily dramatic. Derived from the more common "scotoma", it refers to moving flecks of brightness in your vision, although I also use it to refer to moving flecks of darkness. Though primarily a migraine symptom, mild scomata are commonplace for me. Under certain circmstances my scomata will self-organise, and appear to form patterns. I'm crazy, but you knew that.
  9. tiger lillies: Writer/Illustrator Edward Gorey enjoyed 'Banging in the Nails' so much he sent us a large box of his unpublished stories, some of which we adapted and turned into songs. He did? Wow!
  10. zines: Just received one this morning, from jinxremoving. It's great! Do you do a zine? Would you like to swop with me?
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