September 25th, 2005


clearing house : ten pieces

runway for ghost owls (solar powered lights, glass door, artificial branch, light curtain)
suicide pact (two black glasses half-filled with three-day-old wine)
livelihood subjected to repetitive strain (black glove, plastic bones, miniature light-bulbs)
gotta catch them all (cardboard, paint, second-hand plastic toys)
poketotum/the best art is always in the secret collections* (second-hand plastic toys, decorative nuggets, flexible sealant/coloured pencils)
spanky (pink satin, second-hand dolls, cracker necklace)
secret zen garden (pornographic netsuke, fabric rose, pebbles)
memory set to fail (beer bottle, dead pink dahlia)
coupledom (two-headed plastic dinosaur, 1950s pamphlet "This is Marriage")
three steps, two steps, one step, gone (performance)

I've been on holiday this week. Not my most successful attempt at relaxing ever, but I did get quite a lot done. And now I must shave off my pink hair for I am back at work tomorrow, and if it remains this long I will pull it all out.

* Which tomorrow gets packaged up and sent off for a show in Bristol.
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