October 4th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

bits of news

I did a long interview with Matthew Badham for RedEye #4 earlier this year, and he's now transcribed the entire sprawling email conversation it was based on. He ran it past me first so I was able add a few clarifying notes, but christ, I ramble on a bit: The glitter glue in the bed is based on a genuine incident ... and most of the featured creatures do live in my room. Apart from the roller-skating gin-delivering lizard, that's just wishful thinking. Ironically, I was actually really quite ill at the time ... Poor Matthew's having a bit of a rough week, and told me about it (from work on Sunday Evening) in an email entitled "Interview with Jeremy Davis". When pressed on the point he replied:
Jeremy Davis is a cartoonist/bounty hunter living in Oxford on Earth 2. He's faster than a speeding bull, can leap small buildings in a single bound and studies Latverian with Professor Von Doom Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 5am until 7am. He's also a swimwear model.
I think I'd quite like to be Jeremy Davis apart from the whole morning person bit.

There's a frame by me in the 24 Frames exhibition in the thingsfromhere shop, but we're not supposed to say whose is whose. Although they're all up in a Flickr gallery so you can play spot the Jeremy Dennis original, if you want. Already attracting sarcastic comments! Ah well, it's better to be talked about than not to be talked about, I guess.

Watched A History of Violence last night, noting with amusement that a small but significant proportion of the audience were nice-looking girls with long hair and tassel skirts, presumably come to drool over la Viggo. Fortunately for them, Cronenberg was in a quiet mood, so Viggo's long legs remained undecorated with supernumary orifices. Pleasantly episodic (it's based on a comic) and touching on issues (personal reinvention, habits of violence) that interest me and mmm! the luxury of going to the cinema on my own. Good dark stuff.

Other than, that I've been putting up shelves. "You must be getting quite good at that by now," remarked colleague C when I told her how I'd spent my weekend. Alas, no. I continue to be very bad at it.
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dull day, on with the music memes

There's a nice ipodomancy variant doing the rounds where you replace all the track titles with cryptic-crossword style clues, and people have to guess what's what. There's a couple of easy ones in here, but many are willfully obscure ... blame the ipod, I told you it was a sadist:

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More music: percyprune wanted to know what 7 tracks I'm digging at the moment. Inflation -- last time I did this it was 5ongs!

hustler groove - apollo 440
where is the what if the what is the why - moloko
drunk country - midfield general
any second now (voices) - depeche mode
good day - the dresden dolls
farewell angelina - joan baez
sunday morning - strawberry switchblade

Hmm, looking at that, that's a graduated tint, from growl to lilt. Maybe I should have made it an octave.

... and while I was checking that I got the right title for Any second now (I've been listening to it over and over on vinyl -- pleasant but uninformative) I found a stupid web quiz that tells you what Depeche Mode album you are:

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I feel cleansed now.
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