October 12th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

impulse purchase

SOLD! Lisa Brook
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As in, its little eyes spoke to me and when the red mist cleared I had bought it. Yay!

Strange moment: Someone who went to college with a person whose name I had used in a strip once (the offending panel is bottom middle) leaves me a comment to tell me off (you know what, integrity isn't automatically bestowed on the impoverished). Dear Polly, tough and smart, always did inspire enormous loyalty in her friends -- her and Foy, what a pair! Though as I recall, the "mysterious and privileged lifestyle" she had "emerged" from was nothing more exotic than a nice flat in London. Stop perking up your ears, coalescent, this isn't the famous Polly I knew, it's another one.

I expect she dropped the surname as soon as she could, she wasn't altogether fond of it, and that's why, when you go googling for her you find only me. Oh, be sure your sins will find you out!

been a bit feeble on the weekly strips lately

icon for curse of the black swamp For which, many apologies. I have been (still am, actually) quite busy with some longer pieces. This is the first page of curse of the black swamp, a piece for horror anthology, Dead by Dawn. The comic is due to be launched Halloween weekend, when you can see the rest of the strip, but I can reveal that things did not go well. I also misspelled once, but not on this page. Berk. Jeremy. Berk.
icon for mermaunder and the magic fish Long and dreamy and very much a mood piece, this excerpted page of Mermaunder and the Magic Fish [NOT WORK SAFE] for Whores of Mensa 2 (with Ellen Lindner, Mardou and Lee Kennedy) is not the best way to appreciate it. I'm printing up the British Bootleg edition of Whores of Mensa 2 : Mermaid Splash! next week, after which they may be obtained from yours truly (the American import edition will rattle in in a month or two) for £3 or so. Also features the absolutely true story of The Little Mermaid, though I should point out that she really doesn't like to be referred to that way.

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