November 1st, 2005


he will eventually take over my life/seven sad songs

I got an email for Jeremy Davis* my cross-dressing swimwear-model bounty hunter earth 2 counterpart, in my work inbox yesterday. He's been invited to the Press Preview of The Snow Queen at the BMW plant. He's tempted for the costumes and because hey, it's The Snow Queen ... but the invite contains some of those little red flags ... "dance routines combined with talking animals" ... "includes an enchanting original score" ... "fun, laughter and toe-tapping" ... and there's some severe overuse of the word "enchanting" going on. And Jeremy Davis? What's with that? I'm beginning to suffer mild anxiety about just how real he's becoming.

I've also been seven-songs tagged again, this time by merteuil. Collapse ) Tags onto concourse, henriksdal, buddleia, crazycrone, grannybum, badasstronaut and any of the rest of you who want to do it. Participation is, as ever, strictly on a voluntary basis.

The centre of my money tree has died and I need to replant it into multiple small pots. The edge of the sink is leaking and I need to put some sealant round it. The metal shelf is now so full it's clutching at my hip every time I walk into the kitchen. The electric box is cluttered with paper, it needs to move, so I can read the meter. Oh, yes, my feng shui is royally fucked.

But on the bright side, my new wrist-mounted engraver marks plastic and some metal but not windows.

* Jeremy Davis was born when an interview with me was accidentally credited to "Jeremy Davis" instead of "Jeremy Dennis". The details of his life have been filtering through since; if you know anything more about him, please let me know.
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