November 2nd, 2005


satisfaction guuaranteeess... or your money back without question ask.

Hmm, spam from gollum? I'm deriving weird joy from horrible marketing speak today. Consider the statement, "Make it a Pukk-into Christmas with Jamie Oliver at 40% off". Is this not a profoundly, almost religiously, unappealing statement? It certainly leaves "funusual" standing.

In other news, I'm starting to get excited NOW about Life in the Undergrowth, AKA David Attenborough does creepy-crawlies. New super-macro filming techniques, star and crew abseiling into Asian Giant Honey Bee nests, caves twinkling with the neon blue glow of fungus fly larvae (oooh!) and the chance to hear Sir David deliver lines like "the giant bat-eating centipede is the most formidable invertebrate predator of all" await us. Mini-website and screening dates aren't available from the BBC yet, but I hear a rumour that it starts on Nov 23rd -- Attenborough will be at Waterstones Oxford signing on Dec 8th.

Also (and especially for tinyjo): marvellous mechanical mouse melodies! Altogether now: we will woo you, woo you, woo you, we will woo you, woo you, woo you...

Fuckwads. Someone's used [x] as their fake "from" address. A jolly afternoon of bulk-deleting failure notices awaits.
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