November 10th, 2005


mostly obsessed with shiny things

First scarf-related casualty of the year: one of my nazca-line monkey earrings. Cusses. The internet suggests I may have trouble replacing it although this big Fair Trade surplus and samples sale (in Brick Lane for the next few days, Londoners!) would be the sort of place ... were I inclined towards replacing things I've lost rather than accepting their loss as a natural part of the Perpetual Great Accessories Swapmeet and Churn.

Arr, Jim Lad! Methought as I spotted in my info4gov update that the Treasure Annual Report had been published. Surely some spelling mistake for "Treasury"? Certainly not! But indeed a report on the 427 pieces of treasure discovered by members of the public over the past year. Ooooh, shiny! Skim through the "illustrations" files for torcs-a-plenty, some marvellous Roman rings, a stunning pin from Nether Wallop and something quite shocking happening on a medieval ?brooch (the reports give details on what everything is, but I couldn't be bothered to look it up).

(There was also a mention that the National Adaptation Policy Framework was up for consultation; how wonderfully Big Brother. Was "Learning to live With Climate Change" too honest, or too terrifying? I little poking eventually led me to UKCIP's Adapatation Wizard which may be of interest to applez, if he's not already seen it. "The ADAPTATION WIZARD (prototype version 1.0) is designed to help you move through the process from simple understanding of climate change to integration of climate change into decision-making by making use of these resources.")

This is my perfect night out, but a bit of a long way to travel for it: I suppose that combined life-drawing classes/burlesque shows are easier to set up in NY but damn-it, doesn't every town need one of these?

More ancient glamour: Kohl in traditional carved kohl bottles from B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful. Poke around a bit while you're over there for more beautiful make-up for ladyboys, glitter freaks and rose-scented kissers.

Friends in Oxfordshire: has anyone received one of the fake psychic in evil spirit scam letters yet? Just interested ... (although I did not like the atmosphere in my sister's new house and may take some appropriate gifts next time I visit).

I also include this folding bicycle product from Hummer purely to blow damiancugley's mind.
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