November 19th, 2005


the blue spider dream

Awoke this morning from a fantastic dream about a gigantic spider stepping over me. It was midnight blue and sparkly, like the exoskeletal eguivalent of lurex, and as it stepped over me it glanced down and away and my heart pounded; not because I was afraid or she saw me as prey - we were too different for that - but because this encounter was something astonishing, like turning a corner and coming face-to-face with some rarely-seen animal, like a stag, a kite, a wildcat.

Gave blood in the afternoon -- I need less blood right now. I need to be calm, kind, relaxed, friendly. new this time is a neat little card, telling you how to behave after you've given blood. Don't drink alcohol. No heavy lifting. They refer to the hole in your arm as the "donation site" which has an odd, kinky edge to it. Vampirish. Anyway, that evening, shouldering a rucksack full of minicomic guts, I dropped the shoulder strap right on the inside of my elbow. My donation site now looks very gruesome ...

And I drank alcohol, and spent the evening stapling, folding ... and probably lifted a few heavy things too, here and there.
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