November 24th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

hair a little bit green: drunk enough to sleep on a floor

BCX: Whiskey is good!
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Yay! mondoagogo has put up her photos from Brighton Comics Expo 2005, including rude cakes, creepy dolls, cartoon comics recommmendations and me looking well out of it. Anna, remind me, we discussed some sort of arrangement about getting an LJ paid account, right? What were the details? And which account?

Last night was the All Tommorrows Parties planning meeting. We came out of it with a lift sorted, a detailed menu, a drinks list that included the ingredients for champagne cocktails and everything on the to-do-lists minuted to be circulated by email. These people may well be the best chalet companions ever.

I am really bored today. In fact, I am even more bored than that.

Thank you all for your orders for comics various, I shall be working through them tonight. Still time to order! (Or ask for a copy for review.) Furthermore, minicomics = popular.

The same cannot be said of trying to convert consultation documents to child-friendly presentation on a day when everyone is too busy or teeed off to play email tennis with you.

Still, that's why they pay you.