December 8th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

fulfillment music (your comics are ready now)

Well, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Your comics are ready now; UK people still awaiting their items should receive them this weekend, overseas sometime next week. No more orders please for Home Improvements, as it is sold out. I should still be able to accomodate people needing Whores of Mensa, either with the last few remaining of the US edition, or with the special British Bootleg edition, which I will be printing as soon as I can afford to. There should also be some available to buy at selected stockists: Gosh in London, Travelling Man and Here in Bristol and Smallzone. Fingers crossed.

In the USA, your options are: Chicago Comics, Bodega Distribution (home of many awesome minicomics), Reading Frenzy, small press emporium (in Portland, but they do mail order), Starclipper in Missouri; and Hanley's. Only the best for the Whores!

Well, my feet are cold and it's very late and I still have chores to do before bedtime.

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2020 lack of vision

jollity fading : need christmas.

Television only providing wolf spiders, which while lovely are not cuddly purveyors of joy. At work, so unable to check out zefrank's carol maker, (EDIT: I have now, check out cleanskies la lalala in the "community carols") but the snowflake generator is pleasantly trippy; and if you like penguins, yet feel uneasy about wildlife conservation tourism, this should ring awws and warning bells in chiming time: We are the ONLY organisation offering you your own wild penguin, which is why you get to choose your penguin's name.

In the meantime I've had my first experience of "The Living Room" (the new place they put in the prison yard where they used to hang people, just over where they dug up that plague pit) for the company christmas do of damiancugley. Collapse )

Next up: a team, away day in Swindon outlet village. Truly, I am living the Mr Scruff dream. Speaking of which; tea.
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2020 lack of vision

good grief, did anyone else see the culture show this week?

(deafening silence)

I was moved to complain:

I have just been watching "The Future of Fun" sequence presented by the odious, smug, patronising, and yet ill-informed Matthew Sweet. Most of the exciting future innovations the "pundits" were speculating about already exist -- in fact, I am watching it at the moment, on a Tivo, a futuristic computerised method of organising your television viewing more sophisticated than the "comedic" sexy talking television Sweet used as a substitute for his girlfriend in a scenario that was patronising, dismissive and vaguely distasteful in its contempt for young people, people with an interest in computers, experts and women. I appreciate that new media may not be as much of a speciality for the programme as say film or architecture, but if you lack the expertise to present credible reporting on a topic, perhaps it should not be included. There are masses of exciting, innovative and interesting issues in this area; let's concentrate on them, rather than on misguided attempts at humour by a luddite struggling pitifully with his internalised technophobia. Respect it enough to research it properly, or don't include it at all.


Jeremy Dennis.

P.S. The new comments and complaints system did not improve my mood at all.
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