December 12th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

.. and here is the news

Friday daytime my christmas do in Swindon Outlet village mutated tidily into a christmas outing at Burford Garden Centre followed by Italian-style celebration lunch at Boss 2's. Banter on the way back about what a bunch of stuffed shirts the colleagues were abruptly faltered when I dissed my secret santa gift. Clearly I had Gone Too Far.

Friday nighttime was Sexy Breakfast's third and final last gig, and while not as cut up as the hordes of weeping tweenies who flooded the toilets (freak me out, 14+ gigs) it was still an important one for me as the time I saw them support Fuck Off Batman marked the real beginning of my painfully ambivalent relationship with the Oxford music scene. Whilst being beaten out of the mosh-pit by obnoxious snogging boy, I had a plot breakthrough in the Big Story I'm Not Writing, which I then proceeded to drown in many buckets of cocktails and inappropriate behaviour. Still working through that creative block, it seems.

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And on the way home, as ipod on random played me a fantastic modern classical comedown mix**, I heard a tapping noise and turned to see a boy throwing stones up at somebody's window. Awwww.

And when I got home I scripted a couple of weekly strips, though one's for the no-publish-me pile. Was there anything I missed? Oh f***. Christmas cards.

*I'm not sure what language it was in, so carnival may or may not have accents or an extra e.

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