December 15th, 2005

2020 lack of vision

I'm hungry, why am I hungry?

I'm never hungry in the morning! Must've been all my hard work last night. I moved bookshelves, cleaned the kitchen floor, mended the cooker and put down the lines for a piece I'm doing for buddleia. Next up, tones, colours, collaged elements.

This poll needs your input: What, oh what shall we do with Tom Cruise? I also found some of the other people's ideas very creative, especially the one involving Richard Gere.

Tonight: Sidi Bou Said, Fortingtons, Spy 51. I am pleased.

Also, for lovers of tiny things, Santa goes through the eye of a needle.
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2020 lack of vision

this week's strip

I'm feeling more and more awful by the minute. Hopefully it's a trend that will not last. Never mind. As well as this week's strip, there's a last week's strip which you may have missed. The eagle-eyed among you might spot that this is no strip at all, but some photos of scribbles on envelopes crudely stitched together. Some of you might even recognise the envelopes; I put a picture on the back of every one, so someone has the goose being flattened, and the (surprisingly) understanding bee. I didn't mean to, but once I'd gotten started it was hard to stop. When I'd finished a pile of orders, I had this sudden urge to mount them all on the wall of a small gallery. But that would have made them even later. This week's strip is equally slapdash: a hand-loosener, designed to exercise away the cramp from using a dip pen/secateurs. Not both at once. But I think I probably put the cramp back in by colouring it.

Doppelgangbang detail
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