January 3rd, 2006

2020 lack of vision

shipwrecked on 2006

Well, the Marks & Spencers sale took a little longer than anticipated. Still, at least I know the answer to the question, who on earth would buy a chocolate brown and pink zebra-striped bra? now. In all fairness, I did take in a few other things on the way. A long, rambling phonecall to my mum in the park, in the snow. One of those parties. A New Year on the town featuring free gin, gig lunacy cover versions of Crazy Nights and Cars, and getting thumped by a drunk teenager. The entire first series of Ranma 1/2, Fruits Basket and Inu Yasha. Finally cracking and buying that bunch of red tulips I'd been hankering after since Christmas Eve.

Anyway, the hangover has receded, my fear has subsided and New Year's Resolutions must be made.

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This year's much more brass tacks and practical:
  1. The little blue diary Last year I caught myself relying on other people's diaries, and this has to stop. I bought a pocket diary to see if I'd use it more than I use the Palm. Any dates that ought to be in it?
  2. Weekly creative dates I went out too much last year, and my longer-term projects suffered. This year I aim to spend one night a week at home with these. No internet, no IM, no cleaning, no phone, no TV, just me and whatever I'm working on. This night to be Thursday, Friday or Saturday -- otherwise it wouldn't be a proper date. Want to join me? We can stay in seperately together. Easy enough no matter where you live.
  3. Make a hobby of my house Too much time and energy last year spent resenting DIY, chores, housework, gardening; but it's just a big craft project, really, and one I can surely get my teeth into.
  4. Host some parties Yes, there were some last year, but the most recent one's the first I've felt really happy with. Now I'm ready to do a few with decent lead-time, themes, and other such lunacy ...
  5. Sell a few things Oh mumble yes well my finances aren't really holding together. Plus, all those wonderful things! I do love them, but it's likely someone may want them more.
  6. Get out of town Of course, going somewhere else isn't necessarily going to stop me feeling embattled and claustrophobic but it's got to be worth a try, right? Every month, if I can.
Now I'll go back to watching my tulips wither. I think the first petals will fall tonight ...*

Oh! I almost forgot. Spambot Random8 sent me this set of randomly-generated resolutions this morning:

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The one about the cat sounds faintly worrying.

*They didn't. Such persistence.
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