January 10th, 2006


weekly strip catch-up continues : the magic chalet

detail of weekly strip the magic chalet

Still at it, I'm afraid. This week's strip, the magic chalet, I drew after All Tomorrow's Parties -- a very civilized festival held in an out-of-season Butlins, i.e. the beginning of last December. Never mind. Cocktail list for this strip:

Mimosa: half and half orange juice and cava (often called a Buck's Fizz, but people my age have traumatic associations with that name). Perfect for breakfast.

Classic champagne cocktail: Fill up your glass, hold a sugar cube over and drip bitters onto it until soaked. Drop into glass, watch the bubbles rise, drink. We were using cava instead of champagne.

Diamond Fizz: Measure of gin, squeeze of lemon, half a teaspoon of superfine sugar, top up with champagne and watch the evening slip away. Given that we were making it with Tesco's Value Gin, Cava, smashed sugar cubes, and drops of blood from where I'd sliced open my thumb through careless lemon management, it was more of a Diamond Geezer than a Diamond Fizz, but Diamond nevertheless.

Sorry about the colouring, I'm having motivational problems at the moment.