January 12th, 2006

2020 lack of vision

another day, a little duller

Well, that's another day of processing information for young people. Yay. And today's irritation has been at the net scavengers who hover around small charities waiting to squat their domain names. I'm sick of clicking through last year's link to a supportive survivor group with a good focus on young people only to be assaulted by browser-gropers and pop-ups (no advice please, I'm on a work machine). A few other things seem to have changed focus a bit, too. Should I still be linking to http://www.stressbusting.co.uk ? It certainly diffused any stress I was feeling, but that was because I was busy laughing explosively at "residential Stress Guru, Carole Spiers, international broadcaster, author and professional speaker". (I think they might mean "resident stress guru", although residential stress is a big feature of my life.) I have doubts. On the bright side, though, when I walked through the churchyard this morning there were primroses in flower. Unless you're likely to see me and my digital camera later, though, you'll have to take my word for it.

my first primrose

Edited to include evidence of the primrose.
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