January 27th, 2006


not altogether springtime yet

But I'd call this a somewhat more productive creative date than the last one.

We've rearranged the office, got the printer talking to the network and antique mac, I've dipped back into a major story I was writing before I moved and I still like it (yay!) and sorted out a new scanner I bought on impulse from Staples (it was triple loyalty points this evening, too -- score!) which took as long as everything else times fifty, ourgh scanner software sucks mighty arse.

And then there's this week's strip, plucked arbritarily from the never publish this pile. As you can see from what it's drawn on, it was never intended to go out into the world, and probably should not have done. But then I had this idea about thematic background colour ... well, anyway, I'm not as unhappy as that now. How could I be when I have such a fabulous weekend lined up?

waiting for spring - detail

Disgusting fact! I had to keep licking the pen because it was runnng out.
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