February 15th, 2006


true romances of half term

On the way into work this morning, I was interrupted by a shriek from the unsavoury alleyway steps by the crossing outside the Council Offices. I glanced round to see teenagers jumping up and down in excitement, with a bored little sister in pink standing off to one side. Catching my glance, one yelled, "Sorry! She just finally came out to her mother!" They were hugging and laughing as I crossed the road.

My favourite card is this one of two cheerful, if rather lurid, tyrannosaurs, and my favourite valentine story is of a day-long real-ale pub crawl for two, and my favourite moral position comes from the young gentleman who believes Valentine's Day is blasphemous, that every day should be a celebration of Eros, and that Saints should just be left out it.

For those that know him, mr_snips had a most unwelcome surprise yesterday and ended up in the John Radcliffe Hospital overnight for observation, while they bring down his blood pressure. Adrian (smallbeasts) is checking in on him this afternoon for an update. I will percolate news as soon as I get it, but I'll probably leave any details for mr_snips's own inimitable prose style.

update on the inimitable mr_snips

Just got off the phone to Adrian -- Neal (mr_snips) is responding well to treatment, his blood pressure's back down, but they'll be keeping him while they try to figure out what happened, as they don't have a clear cause yet -- it doesn't look like smokers' high blood pressure -- trust him to be mysterious! We're running over some necessities this afternoon to keep him entertained.

Gruesome details, as promised! Blood vessels burst in the back of his eyes, temporarily occluding his vision. That's getting better, too, but it takes a while to clear, so he's getting Adrian to bulk-reply to your texts rather than working through them himself.

I'll pass on well-wishes and report back later.

update on mr_snips

His blood pressure's gone down, his vision is recovering, he's in hospital and undergoing a bunch of tests to figure out what happened -- for at least the next 24 hours, maybe longer.

Visiting and other details are in this protected post. If I've missed you off the filter, let me know and I'll add you -- if you're not a livejournaller, email me and I'll pass on the details.