February 17th, 2006

2020 lack of vision

update on Neal/mr_snips

Poor mr_snips is in for the weekend so make your visiting plans now. Details remain as per this post. (It's friendslocked, email/comment if you need details and can't access them.) They're still doing tests, and they want to keep him in until they know what's going on.

Some visitor-related updates:

Books, comics etc. aren't good to bring as his vision is still bad.
The CD player apparently will play burned CDs, and he's also got a tape player now, thanks to e_pepys, he's also got some audio books.

I'm going over after work this evening to deliver chargers, can also take other stuff (all your best wishes went over yesterday, though apparently I may have to interpret some livejournal names!)

EDIT: Out of towners, if you want to send cards, he's still at the same address and we're taking him over his mail (except for the boring stuff).