February 23rd, 2006



Curses. I turned down the opportunity to review Rigoletto this week, and according to the poster, it featured a "majestic golden eagle with six-foot wingspan!". Good to see the core values of opera being maintained.

This is one of those memes that's a lot more fun to read than fill in, but if you want you can answer stupid questions about your friends, too:
Take the quiz.
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Bah! There's a real job come up at the Casino Charitable that I have a genuine chance of getting, following Donnington Tanboy moving on. I just printed out the job desc to the network printer. Hmm. Do I really want to be a "guardian of XXXXX's core online experience"?

Music in the post from mondoagogo makes me smile! Time soon for our Tropical Cocktail Oddysey, I feel!

Caught up with the first episode of Life on Mars on the signzone last night (Good, isn't it?) and was treated to the sight of the signer doing sound effects for emergency rescusiation. Man was a virtuoso.

Public Service Announcement: There are TARDIS and Dalek easter eggs in Marks & Spencers. They contain caramel, but are very stylish. (Per Una cardigan rant supressed for being tedious.)

In the cafe today, as I explained in staccato-stop how sometimes offering solutions is wrong, and what is needed is to listen and acknowledge, there came on the muzak some girly-girl covering The Cure's Just Like Heaven. Google tells me it's Katie Melua, last seen in trouble with cosmologists for claiming that 12 billion light-years from the edge was just a guess.

Last night I saw the most beautiful cat in the world asleep in a lit window on Princes Street. Through closed eyelids it noticed me staring and half sat up (it was lying on what appeared to be a windowcat display cushion) to favour me with a long look. Its features looked Siamese, but it was all-over even, smokey grey. Greeny-gold eyes. It's odd how invasive you can feel, even when you're only looking at a cat.

Speaking of cats, I completed Murakami's Kafka on the Beach. This (well, the last few novels, really) have started to feel a bit like later Ballard, to me; it's good stuff, but this is no longer my story.

I need to do some potting on, desperately.
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