March 1st, 2006


goodbye february - weekly strips return

Few admitted guilt ( a true story)

This little oddity was drawn ... well, I'm not altogether sure. For "Caption is History", perhaps. Not recently, but somehow I never got around to posting it. I do base strips on news stories, sometimes. There's a few in the backlog pile, perhaps March is a good time to get in touch with not-so-current affairs.

The sketchy facts of the Nagyrev poisoning epidemic niggle at me. Accidental arsenic poisoning isn't unknown; culprits include homebrew spirits and beer, paints, and domestic poisons. Some people even deliberately eat it. Perhaps the women they hanged were innocent, and the dead men were victims of some rural craze or a bad brew-shop. It has about it something of the air of a witch hunt. And yet, bizarre, terrible things do happen, and sometimes appalling actions become commonplace, part of the community, tolerated or ignored.

Details like the knitting, the porch and the courthouse came from research, but the story has been so repeatedly fictionalised (there's a play, a film, a book) it's hard to dig the facts from out of the deja vu.

It's been in one of my collections, so if you're feeling deja vu, that's where you saw it.